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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 10 Jul 2019 21:33
Wednesday 10th July

A couple of days in the marina sorting out our bits and bobs. The customs officials arrived and looked very unhappy that my paper from Honiara wasn't pink. After much huffing he wished us a pleasant stay and stamped our passports.

The marina is staffed to the gunnells -waiters and doormen by the dozen. Security is big business here and every gate on every property seems to be guarded. There is a smart shopping mall just up the road with a supermarket selling lots of imported goods- could be sainsburys. The phone shop sold me another cable for the tabet which doesn't work unfortunately.

Tim left yesterday for Indonesia with his 2 crew. Hanna hasn't sailed before so is going in at the very deep end. Tims sailing is devoid of comfort- hand steering much of the way and with no engine other than for emergencies due to a bad repair in Opua. He arranged a tow out of the marina just as the wind got up to 30knots. Hanna is a rubbish artist- not that she isn't any good but she uses waste as her materials. She has an exhibition comming up at the Royal Geographical Society which will be interesting to see. She does appear very capable and has done lots of tough no frills travelling so I think  she will be O.K.

There was a very noisy ex pat crowd watching a game of Australian Rugby League in the club house last night. No mention around here of the massacre in PNG.

We have arranged a car with driver for tomorrow via Brian who is Mr fixit for the marina. It seems that public transport is not an option.

Diana has sensibly decided to fly back from here and save the torture of another 8-10 day crossing to Darwin. I have to work out if it is possible to leave the boat in Darwin for a few months and do Indonesia  at more leisure in the new year. The winds may not be so favourable?