position N14 24 040 W 26 48 850

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 24 Apr 2015 10:29
09:00 24/04/15
Anchor up and stern line off at 13:00 yesterday after spending last of escudos & euros on some diesel water and milk.
Anchor chain jammed delaying departure 10 mins- not critical for 2 week journey.
Have we got enough food? I swing from thinking we have enough for 6 at least to worrying that we will run out after a week.

After rounding the top of Brava we Set up the Don Streets poor mans rig for transatlantic sailing- Full main, Port genny sheeted off end of boom and stbd genny poled out. Seemed to be working O.K. untill late afternoon- wind rather too much on the beam - a 30Kn gust sheared off the end of the spinnaker boom so now one lost and one broken- not good for 1st day into the passage. We have a spare pole end on board but smaller diameter so will try and improvise a packed connection.

Wind dropped in the evening to 10-15Kn giving easy night. Both gennys on port side and sheeted conventionally-No problem for Aries.

1 flying fish aboard on Adams watch- Adam gets fish for breakfast.