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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 5 Apr 2015 08:11
09:00 05/04/15
365 to go. Over half way.
Grey sky and sea this morning- could be the north sea in october. Batteries getting low so put the engine on for an hour.
Good day yesterday sun shone and wind kept steady. Really lazy sailing -I haven't touched the sails since day before yesterday and only
tweaked the Aries a couple of times. I think I have stumbled on a successful sail plan- the wind crept up to 15 Kn apparent in the afternoon but
while I fretted about a reef the Aries managed the waves fine and no bad rolling.
Finished a whole book in the day. Boredom kicking in now -1st grumble from Diana this morning when I roused her for the 6am shift.
We haven't seen any boats at all so keeping a watch feels superfluous. Cooked the goat stew last night- rather tough but tasty.
Another visit from our little dolphines at 16.00-stayed for 10 mins then off again.