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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 3 Aug 2017 14:00

Thurs 3rd August

We stormed in to Wreck Bay yesterday afternoon about 4pm at great velocity thanks to the wind acceleration round the island. Only 3 other yachts in the bay along with assorted fishing boats and cruise boats ferrying tourists ashore in dinghys. Plenty of space for anchoring in sand at 10m depth. I had phoned our agent Johnny Romero on the approach and his sister appeared briefly within a few minutes of anchoring and promised to return in 1/2hr. A couple of hours later she returned with another Romero brother who speaks good english and took our papers. It appears that we have permission to visit the three inhabited islands but not any others so while we can walk round the towns unattended any trips will be with guided tours. We arranged a trip to the tortoise reserve tomorrow and will explore the town and around today. They told us to make sure the bottom is clean-I had paid $40 in Puerto Lucia for a diver to give us a good clean but they looked dubiously at the waterline. The water is quite chilly at this time of year (it is low season for tourism) and so I struggled into the wet suit and had a scrub round to take off the brown slime we had picked up on the way over. Hopefully no officials saw me doing it.

We await the clean police who are due at 8am this morning. If they find anything they don't like they can send us 40miles out to re-clean and try again. Not a pleasant prospect.