position S16 43.500 W147 24.200

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 4 Oct 2017 18:18
Wednesday 4th October.

The wind has stayed thankfully aft of the beam so the motion is not quite so violent as the previous leg. The pacific has been a bit of an unruly beast for us. Whichever seargeant major drills the atlantic into regimented lines of even height well spaced parallel waves needs to come and sort out the pacific. There are big waves of different height spacing and direction and little waves running about all over the place. Teenage waves disrespectfully throw up spray in your face.

We discovered why the anchor held so well in Kauehi-it was hooked around an oyster line on the floor. I managed to get a trip line onto it and tipped it off as Diana took the weight on the engine. Luckily got it up before it hooked anything else- there were qute a few coral heads it could have snagged.

A few dolphins crossed out bow as we exited the pass- this time with a favourable tide pushing us through despite the delay with the anchor.

We by-passed Fakarava which is a bigger attoll with several villages and quite a large airport. A plane was taking off as we passed. The pass looked wide and easy but we would have had to cross about 20 miles of lagoon upwind before reaching a windward shore.

We are making good speed with tripple reefed main and half a jib so should reach Tahiti in the morning tomorrow.