position N08 32 400 W 48 19 300

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 3 May 2015 20:53
20:00 03/05/15 141 miles
The weed has magically cleared today and fishing line is out- no hint of bite as yet.
Had a domestic chore day yesterday- bedding aired some clothes washing done on deck, the decks themselves scrubbed. Today by comparison a lazy sunday - a snooze before lunch, started a new book, applied some oil to my carving, looked out a few times to find nothing new, except a Skua look-a-like visited and I tossed it a flying fish that I had set aside for breakfast on the basis that a good deed will be rewarded doubly-so why no Tuna on the line is a mystery.
Starting to think about time of arrival at Paramamibo which currently looks like early morning-we will have to review and maybe remove sail to try and arrive in daylight.
Bangers and mash for supper courtesy of William.