position N13 06 240 W 32 03 800

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 26 Apr 2015 16:41
15:30 26/04/15
Only 134 miles for last 24 hours -wind having dropped to 10-12knots apparent. Steady progress however and easy motion having reverted to the Don Street poor man's rig as the wind is now more on the quarter than the beam. The spinaker pole repair was successful- only concern was that the pop rivets available were smaller than the orginal but William managed to drill out the old ones to make a sleeve for the new. We have glued the end into the pole for good measure.
We are settling in to the routine- and the initial torpor and boredom gives way to contented acceptance of our small boundary but massive territory over which we rule.
While the seascape at first appears unchanging, the more you look the more you see different shapes and colours. The flying fish provide entertainment and 3 this morning offered themselves up for breakfast. Sometimes they fly elegantly for 50 yards or more skipping over the tops of the waves-other times they fail miserably and splosh into the next wave. Once or twice they seemed to spot our presence above the water and apply the brakes mid flight, dropping like a stone. Storm Petrels also entertain hovering magically just an inch above the surface with no effort.