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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 29 Jul 2019 08:31

Monday 29th July.
Last entry before returning home. My latest thoughts are to come back out for early Sept to clear out of Darwin before the wet season and
also get through Indonesia to Malaysia by end of October. That would put us  back on schedule for a new year trip onward.
To that end I bought a last minute flight tonight with a flexi return ticket which saves a bit on 2 singles.

The engine isn't fixed but I am now superconfident that it is just a faulty thermostat- Doug at St Olaves suggested I test it and so I  took it out and covered it with boiling water and it didn't open. I didn't know about the thermostat at all and now understand that it opens when the tempersture gets above a set figure (82 deg according to Parts4engines) allowing the fresh water to circulate and keep the temp around that level. If it doesn't open the water overheats and blows out of the filler cap which is what I was seeing. I had a cycle round to try and buy a replacement here but to no avail- It can be ordered but I may as well order it myself and bring it back out with me. If by some perverse mechanical twist it doesn't cure the problem I will have to admit defeat and call on a professional mechanic.

I took the genoa to  a sailmaker just round the corner for another patch up. It would look impressive if all the patches were different bright colours. Not much white left I should think.  The marina here is well serviced with a chandlery, sailmaker, launderette and excellent showers. Dani looks after it with skill, controlling the water level and welcoming boats with a flash of her knickers as you pass through the lock and throw your lines up to her.  It gets a lot of storm water in the wet season so fouling is very light on the pontoons and if one stayed through the wet season presumably your bottom would be flushed clean without need for a scrub. She feeds the fish that come in and some of them apparently spit at her to remind her it is lunch time.

I have done an oil change, washed out my oily clothes, serviced the sheet winches and just had time to update the blog before a last beer, some supper to finish up the fresh supplies and taxi ordered for 22.30.