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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 18 Sep 2017 16:43
 Monday 18th September. Nuku Hiva

Everything closed yesterday including tourist office and little museum but we found the nice modern cathedral and a little evangelical church up the hill with a service going on. They were very keen for us to go in and join the congregation so we sat and listened to the very expressive lady preacher give a talk in (we presume) Tahitian and  few songs with guitar accompiniment. Half the congregation had guitars and children were running in and out. All the ladies and some of the men with flowers in their hair-one lady with a whole garden of flowers on her hat. At one point I was swaying to the music and the whole building was swaying like a cross channel ferry in a force 8 gale with my wobbly sea legs .

We asked about a footpath and followed a little used track along the far side of the bay which eventually terminated at a little prominontory overlooking the bay. A  few little side paths looked as though they would take us down to the water for a swim but ended in a shear drop.  We had our picnic lunch back on the beach and then watched the youngsters play a rather casual game of volley ball. Lots of peope down on the shore having their sunday bar-B-Q.  At one point the road along the bay was like the Newmarket Rd at 8am on a monday as everyone left church and made for the beach.

The smart Hotel had a leaflet with some information about archealogical sites but no link between the names in the text and names on the small scale map. Passed  a sign for 4 x 4 hire- could try that today for ecxploration.

Off the see the Gendarme.