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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 23 Sep 2017 15:55
Saturday 22nd September. Ua PouI 

We set out from  Taioa bay early yesterday having stowed the dinghy on board, set a reefed main and waved goodbye to Ozzy Ron who was watching in case we made a mess of the anchor retrieval. We had a nice tack to begin with in 10 knots of breeze  almost making our course but as the current took us west we  were dropping off the route and we motor sailed the last 10 miles or so. Just as I put the engine on a fish took the lure and I pulled in a hard fighting green and yellow monster with high forehead and  red spots. It was a beautiful thing and I actually got it on board before making a complete hash of trying to let it bleed over the side and dropping it back in the sea.  I had a rope round the tail but it wasn't a rigid tuna type tail and it slipped the line. It doesn't appear in the Galapagos field guide so we may have worried about its edibility anyway.  A worse crime was to forget to pull the line in when we anchored and so lost the lure and much of the line as it was caught in the prop and  I had to cut the line free.  I may never have such a successful lure again.
We chose to anchor in the 1st bay we saw which is Hakahetau. It is rather shallow in terms of depth of shelter and the bottom rather hard so the anchor is grumbling and the swell is swelly but she seems to be holding O.K.  After lunch we had a wander round the little village and found a cafe for a drink and internet. There are lots of informative signs around the with a map and information about the geology and sea shells that are collected for food and craft work. Unfortunately while the archeological site above the village was also signed it was not maintained (unlike the sites on Nuku Hiva) and so was disapearing back into the undergrowth.    

There are a couple of paths leading out of the village up towards the amazing rock stacks that dominate the island so we will do some further exploration on foot today.
The nono flies of which the guide books warn have caught up with us on the last couple of walks so we are now itching like mad and the bites last for days. Diana uses deet which probably helps but as she is more prone to being bitten the end effect on both is similar.