position S10 32.030 E142 12.010

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 19 Jul 2019 10:33
Friday 19th July.

Now anchored off Hammond Island, not quite the planned spot but it looked an inviting bay in the lee of the island and I decided to give it a try while it was still light. The wind doesn;t seem to slow down for the islands even though they look like good high wind breaks, but the water is reasonably flat.
I had a slow start this morning as the anchor trip switch burned out pulling against the wind. I don't know why it didn't trip instead.  After burning out a couple of improvised fuses I hand winched the anchor with the sheet winch so I may have to repeat the exercise again tomorrow.
The forecast promised less wind today  so I went with reefed main and small jib. The wind stayed solidly up at 20 knots but the motion was a bit steadier with the main taking out some of the roll and the speed better for it.
Passed a couple of ships-nothing too close although one yesterday may have changed course for me and passed within 1/4 mile. There are islands dotted all along the straits but plenty of space between so not too difficult to miss them.  The Australian Border force is very active- a helicopter hailed me on 16 and offered to chat on 17 but then disapeared so quick I scanned the sea to see if it hadn't ditched in the water.