Progress report

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 2 May 2022 10:36

2nd May: Another check of Solitaire -some decent cordage and a possibly try sail (Is that useful?). Couldn’t recover the AIS wiring.  Alternator not a good fit-the tension brace would be too awkward.    

                 Genoa scrubbed back up & furled. The old repaired Hood genoa is on. Need to check why Jeckels genoa is off.

                 Fiddling with nav lights.

                 Scraping deck for lifted teak board.

                 2 new boats in on moorings.

                 Double check alternator output- changed wires over and getting better volts.

                 Seb has stuffing box rope but gone to mechanics workshop.  

1st May:  Checked scrap boat (Solitaire)for gear. To be checked Spare alternator, AIS transponder, Stay                 


                Solitaire has been sold to Eddie who is taking parts for his project to restore a catamaran that was abandoned on the reef. He than has responsibility to dispose of the left overs. It is a steel hull so might be worth scrapping or might end up at the bottom as a dive site. He has taken batteries and solar panels snow happy to sell anything left for beer money.

                Prop shaft stuffing box opened up (locking plate stuck).

                Bilge pumped and hosed and pumped.

                Bilge pump cleaned and re-wired.

                 Gear lever extension tube resin glued to old lever stub.

                Ais test failed- parts ordered for delivery to Dominic at Woodbine

                             VHF Aerial. AIS Transponder, Alternator regulator, Depth sounder, Water filter.

                Dog stealing shoes from bottom of ladder and chewing them

                 Spilled acid where I was sitting and had to race to room for shower with burning bum.

                  (Acid was in an unmarked bottle- thought it was acetone)


30/4        Aft Water tank flushed- cover back on with 1mm card gasket from Mechanic.

                Credit card lost (in Bilge?)

                Wired alternator to correct tag on starter solenoid. (Dougs suggestion to wire in a light

                which showed I was on the wrong one). Volts produced and leak to ground cured.

                 Bought resin for gear lever from local hardware store.

29/4        Alternator back from mechanic. Service 600k. Fitted but no volts- several attempts at

               Different  wiring options. Resorted to pestering Doug for advice.

               Removing gear lever-2 days.        

28/4.      Car with driver into Mataram.   No Expansion vessel. Cleaning stuff and a solar panel

               controller but no solar panels.

22-27/4       Instruments not working (screens blank).

                Finally found leak on fresh water system-expansion vessel rusted through.

                Removed unused Cat pump  (abandoned watermaker project)

               Freed furling drum (several days of bashing)

                Dropped Genoa.

                Painting red plimsoll line

                 Bottom sanding 6 days of yard worker.

                 Anchor chain shortened 6 links. (shackle freed -2 days bashing).

                Cleaned prop.