position S23 48.600 E166 54.900

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 8 May 2019 07:10

Wednesday 7th May  90 miles to New Caledonia

Just about managed a disaster free day but nearly set the boat on fire. My bread making hasn't been a great success but I bought some fresh yeast in NZ and having thrown out the last of the last shop bought loaf thought I would try a modest couple of rolls. The silcone bread bowl is good for mixing, kneeding and baking so I got a good rise for once and popped the bowl in the oven. 10 mins later Diana came below wondering where the smoke was coming from- I opened the oven to find the bowl and rolls alight havng slipped onto the flames at the back of the oven.  How anyone can be so stupid as to not forsee that on a rolling boat the bread bowl wouldn't shift I really don't know.

Hopefully I will be able to purchase another silicone bowl in Numea now  that I know I can get the dough to rise.

We had the engine off for a rest during the night and if we do the same tonight we should still reach Numea in daylight tomorrow. Diesel is holding up better than expected.