position S16 40.000 E167 58.000

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 9 Jun 2019 20:12

Sunday 9th June

It was a rolly uncomfortable night at anchor off Mangalaliu. No wind and glassy flat clear water but the frequency of the very slight swell must have matched the roll and amplified it.
So we didn't hang around for the aussie snorkle tour and upped anchor at 6am to explore further up the coast. There is an anchorage marked 7 miles further up at Port Havana so we had in mind to move up there and make plans. 
As we motored between the islands in calm flat water we were joined by 3 pretty dolphins swimming round the bow, as clear beneath the surface as if they were flying above it.

The reflection of the bow with dolphins below.

After  a while  I cut the engine to see if they would hang about and then if they would tolerate me swimming with them. They were a bit shy however and didn't come close.

There were 3 yachts anchored off Port Havana which seemed to be comprise  row of luxury private properties and restaurants/gites. A large steel barge was moored to create a comercial pontoon with a building on it and a tug tied up against it. Ratherv than stop we decided to put some miles on the log and worked out that Pentecost at 115 miles would be about right for arrival the next morning. We drifted while we sorted out the dinghy and changed the batteries and then sailing back towards the pass the dolphins treated us to a display of spinning. Spinner dolphins! Unfortunately I didn't have time to catch a spin mid air with the camera.

We had a good fast sail for the rest of the day with 15-20 knots just aft of the beam and to round it off caught a fish just before dusk! A nice little tuna- just the right size for easy landing and eating.
The wind dropped over night but enough to keep sailing.