position 19:44.0N 37:27.0E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 26 Feb 2023 03:05
Sunday 26th Feb

We made a better port tack yesterday afternoon as the sea breeze pulled the wind more easterly. The bearing took us conveniently to an anchorage inside an oval reef anchoring at 5pm with time to climb the mast and sort out the snagged wind indicator before dusk.
With aid of the guide and a couple of markers on the reef the entrance was easy to find and we found the recommended spot laying a trip line in case the anchor snags on the coral strewn bottom.

The anchorage reminds us of Minerva reef in the Pacific. Slitting in the open ocean with flat calm water is quite special. This reef is less remote however with shore lights and the glow of Port Sudan visible in the west and tall lighthouse on the southern tip casting its light on a 4 second spin. Large buildings around the tower seem able to house a small army of lightkeepers, so what goes on there is a mystery.

We will try and emulate the strategy today, starboard tack in the morning and port in the afternoon. It has been cloudy in the mornings since the wind change so hopefully the sun will come out again this afternoon.