Ayia Napa

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 18 Sep 2023 20:41
Sunday 17th Sept.

After more fiddling with the fuel filter decided to have a break and take the car to the Greco point and have a scout of Blue Lagoon.  It is a tourist destination about 3/4hr drive from the marina past Ayia Napa. 

The sun was at maximum strength when I arrived but with hat, glasses and water bottle I left the safety of the air conditioned car and set out to explore. The Blue Lagoon is very blue but no more so than the rest of the mediterranean stretching beyond. It is actually a fairly unremarkable bay but giving it a hollywood  name  helps to draw the tourists and the burger/cocktail van was doing good business. A massive catamaran was anchored in the bay and having disgorged its cargo of trippers was looking like the St Olaves mother duck watching over its enormous family of babies bobbing around. 

Walking along the cliff requires eyes on your feet full time as the jagged volcanic rock surface would not forgive a trip. In a couple of spots ladders have been provided to give swimming access off the rocks. Ladders being for sissys I found a route down to a rocky platform from which a fully clothed swim was a relief from the heat and the wet clothes kept me cool for most of my walk.

I stopped a bit later at a visitor centre  near the road with a sign offering a nature walk with chapel built over a sea cave. With an hour or so of sun left I calculated that the route was within daylight range and while the walk was solitary found the little chapel was another tourist hot spot and a ladder down to the cave was monopolised by russian tourists. (Any tourists that annoy have become russian since the war).  The cave was actually an easy climb down and another brief swim was possible from the mouth. Back up to the visitor centre and looking forward to the beer advertised at 2.50 euro a pint only to be faced wit a locked door and shrugged shoulders from the staff who were locking up.

So back to the boat for beer and nuts. Leftover rice and cheese on toast for supper.