position S027 34.000 E176 40.000

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 22 Oct 2018 18:26
Tuesday 23 Oct. On route to NZ

Still making good progress. The wind had one more angry blow as the sun went down and has now settled to around 12Kn still from the east.

Good things about being in the middle of the ocean:
1. We haven't heard the word Brexit for at least a week.
Camerons cabinet should have been locked in a padded cell with Brexit played repeatedly at them for a week before deciding to call the stupid referendum.
(of course that would have meant that Farage would have to been exiled to a desert island but a small democratic compromise in retrospect)
2. Snuggling under a lovely patchwork quilt after a chilly course adjustment at 3am in the morning. Thanks Mum.
The temperature has been dropping since we left Tonga. Soon be using all our warm clothing.
3. Noises. The noises of the boat, wind and sea have gradually become more friendly. Now a background chatter behind - silence.
I shouldn't tempt fate- a new noise can soon dispel the calm.