position S09 34.400 W133 47.000

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 11 Sep 2017 20:16

Monday 12th September. 129 miles for 24 hrs.

There's good news and bad news. Good news is that the seized starter motor finally unseized with help from Doug to work around the problem and come back to the stubborn gear/cog/bendix that no amount of levering would shift but  finally resorting to tapping the lever while levering did the trick. Starter motor back on and hey presto engine started 1st time. However no revs when throttled- throttle cable detached during starter motor fitting. Re-attached cable and re-started engine with too much revs. Adjusted cable to next hole and re-started engine with slightly high but O.K revs. Engine off to tighten everything and make sure all OK-  turned start key but nothing. No starter motor noise no engine starting-nada (that is the bad news). Checked all cables are tight but no start joy.
Letting the engine have a think about how awkward it is being before returning to the problem- possible a loose connection at the igintion key.

In the mean time having assured Doug that we had plenty of wind and only needed the engine to anchor, the wind of course has died and we are currently drifting serenely at 2-3knots in about 8-10 Knots of wind on the stern with the spinnaker barely filling. Estimated arrival time moving towards the end of the week much to Dianas displeasure. The sea is much more pacific like- calm and blue with sun glinting off lazy little mocking waves.

The spinnaker setting is a whole other gruesome storey which I am happy to gloss over. Suffice to say it took at least 3 hours yesterday morning.