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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 21 Sep 2017 16:35
Thursday 20th September. Nuku Hiva

We moved round to Hakaui bay yesterday afternoon after some provisioning in  Taiohai. We made a 2nd attempt at the little museum in the morning and met an elderly american lady who came to the island with her husband in the 1970's and built the 1st and only hotel and set up a yacht club. She had to shoot off to see to her guests so we still didn't get to see the museum exibits. It would have been difficult anyway as the electricity was off in the town for maintenance work and there was very little natural light.
Hakaui is about 5 miles west of the town and is another stunning bay with towering pinacle buttressed cliff face one side and palm fringed beach the other. 

We will try the waterfall walk tomorrow before moving on to Hua Pau.
Our Norwegian neighbour in Taiohai has been spending loads of time at the cafe on his laptop trying to book flights back to Norway but each time the payment appears to go through only to be rejected afterwards. He was also having to apply for visas to transit LA airport which is not something I had contemplated at all.  I have asked Oliver to research flights and visas.