position S22 17.400 E166 26.200

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 9 May 2019 08:41

Thursday 9th May   New Caledonia

Made the nice wide pass through the reef at around 3pm and the Marina del Sud at around 6pm. Wind acceleration as we approached NC meant that we didn't need the engine for the last 30 miles or so and in the end had plenty of fuel to spare, not having broken into the jerry cans. The pass gave the engine some hard work as we had to turn into the wind and then battled against the short chop to get through.
No-one answered our calls on the radio, either to the Port Control or either of the 2  Marinas so we have tied up on the end of a pier and will call at the marina office in the morning. We may get told off for  landing before clearing with customs but will claim special circmstances with our broken stay.
No new disasters to report and a successful little loaf of bread achieved with a metal tray. Lesson learnt. (until next time)
So many kite surfers out it looked like a flock of colourful seabirds. Numea seems like a busy boating centre with yachts cruising, wind surfers zipping and dinghys racing, not to mention motor boats skimming out to little islands.
It all looks a bit civilised for the likes of us and reportedly expensive but fortunately we have forgotten how many pcf's to the £ and as long as we dont try and work it out we will be in blissful ignorance.