position S15 49.500 W145 07.000

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 30 Sep 2017 22:35
Saturday 30th September. Kauehi, Tuamotus.

Each time we have to sail to windward I swear we will only ever sail down-wind in the future. The pacific however has other ideas and would have us heading north towards Hawaii or north -west to the Phoenix isles- either being a long way away. The next leg to Tahiti is slightly more west than the last so we may be able to keep off the wind just enough for better motion.

We are unsure whether this strong south-easterly wind is typical late season or just unlucky. My forecast suggests it may ease on Tuesday but only back to 20 knots.

The anchorage here is quite a distance from the shore as the coral heads become more frequent further in  and with the 20-25 knot offhore wind we are sure of a wet ride in the dinghy if the outboard can cope.  Although the water is relatively flat the wind doesn't get much of a break from the low lying land and palm trees.  The village looks fairly substantial with a good sized church and some 2 storey houses, but for the time being off limits for us. We are happy drying out the cupboards and attending to repairs. The genoa repair could also do with less wind to allow the newer one to come off and the old one back on.  The water is bright turqoise flecked with white horses and dog-fish? swarm around the boat if we throw any food waste overboard. I will try a snorkle later. There are pearl fisheries scattered along the shore-huts on stilts with pontoons extending into the lagoon. It would be interesting to visit one but wind may prohibit.