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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 2 Oct 2017 07:05
 Sunday 1st October. Kauehi, Tuamotus

Still waiting for that lull. I did manage a swim though and the wind felt a little less extreme this afternoon than this morning.  I caught one of the flat headed dog fish using some salami for bait and managed to fillet it for my supper last night- Diana declined wisely choosing tinned sardines instead.  It was a lot of work for not much reward. The fish I caught was clearly the champion salami muncher as it had about 6 slices in its tum.  It had thick slippery skin like an eel (I imagine, not having caught a filleted an eel) and not a lot of flesh. When I had a snorkle today the remaining flat heads were suckered to the underside of the boat awaiting more salami no doubt.

The white capped petrels (my name guess) have been entertaining us this afternoon flocking around the boat and dancing on the water in noisy gatherings.

No sign of life on shore- lights are on at night though so must be somebody about. No canoes out to try and barter pearls for T shirts or even coconuts for gin.   The wind must be keeping everyone indoors.

We have been cleaning and drying and generally carrying out useful jobs around our small domain. Plenty to keep us occupied. The boat library has suffered badly from water ingress so books are positioned strategically around the cockpit to achieve maximum drying with minimum wind damage.

I made Parathas and veg curry for supper- or were they Chapatis. I can never remember which are thick and which are thin. They turned out OK for a 1st attempt and no recipe.