position 12:33.0N 49:43.0E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 9 Feb 2023 04:55
Thursday 9th Feb 108m

Hopefully this will be our last day of motoring before Djibuti. The forecast promises decent wind later today holding long enough.
We had a quiet night again however with the parasailor pulling us along nicely until collapsing about 5 this morning.
I had a sense in the night that we were floating stationary in space, the world moving under us at a steady 4kn. At this latitude we can see both the southern cross and the pole star (or at least the plough pointing to where it is on the horizon) and we are fixed on an imaginary line between the 2. Easy to see how relative movement can be miscalculated.

Strange vivid green sea yesterday as we motored though a blanket of fine weed for several miles. A different type of peasouper. This morning a turtle dived leaving growing rings on the surface just as half a dozen flying fish took off simultaneously, creating a perfect fan of wakes on the glassy surface.

Forward heads pump out again, more cleaning and no sign of problem so back in and this time working O.K.

The shortage of volts when motoring is my main concern at the moment- relying solely on sunshine to keep things powered. I had the wretched alternator working in Galle, but now it is definitely not. The problem compounded as I discovered one of the house batteries had tipped over not having been properly secured by some idiot (me). I am hoping it will recover but not confident.

A treat of fresh bread yesterday after the last of the shop bread finished. I may try a birthday cake today.