position N07 55 100 W57 10 003

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 21 Oct 2015 12:08
Wednesday 21st Oct.
We are making steady progress towards Tobago. Just spent a happy hour with head in locker changing the gas bottles -turned out the regulator was sticking and just needed a tap with the hammer. Wind has been light (5-6Kn) giving 2-3 knots boat speed but now picked up a bit- 5Kn+ all the way hopefuly. Should arrive Friday sometime but probably after dark. Caught 2 plump mackerel yesterday-one for lunch and one for supper. Weather is still hot- seeking out shade is the main daytime occupation. 1 sail change so far- jib was winged to starbd now both main and foresail to port. At night Venus and Mars are aligned making a superstar worthy of Kings to follow. It's O.K I haven't had a revelation- just in awe of the night sky. Sunsets and sunrises are also pretty impressive.
We set off from Suriname in company with a french/brazillian yacht. The owner had recently purchased a 54ft ketch and set off from Brazil with wife and son and zero sailing experience between them. They reached Suriname in impressive time but soon lagged behind us on this leg as they appeared to be tacking downwind. Not sure if this was a technical gaff or a deliberate method of reducing floppy downwind motion.