Position 6:04.6N 84:50.6E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 13 Jan 2023 03:03
Friday 13th Jan 139 miles for 24hr

Lucky we are not superstitious (touch wood).

Another fast sail overnight but with a couple of heavy rain intervals and yesterday no sun so with nothing much coming out of the alternator the fridge had to go off. Its back on now with a little sun but the sky is mostly cloudy. The wind is staying northerly around 14-15Kn and the aries coping manfully with regular adjustment as the wind speed varies. The adjustment involves a mix of control line tension, and sail adjustments. The balance is quite sensitive. We now have a reefed main and half a jib giving around 6Kn speed. The wind seemed steadier in the dark so less work required but daytime is busy.

The Parasail came down soon after my last entry. It was pushing us south so I was thinking of dropping it when one of the snap shackles on the clew let go leaving no choice. The sock then snagged so half a loose sail had to be dragged in over the side. My system for lowering still a work in progress.

Forecast is for much the same so we should reach Galle on Sunday.