Fwd: position N11 52 405 W65 19 213

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 18 Feb 2016 22:51
Friday 18th Feb. 18.30

2nd day out of Grenada on route to Bonaire. Wind steady easterly-rather less today than yesterday which pushed us along smartly some 160m in 24 hours. Quite tricky staying to the course with wind dead behind so snaking along under main and poled out jib with occasional jibes to bring us back on course. Aries- our 3rd crew member -behaving well on the helm and with a few tweaks settling down after each jibe.

Passed La Orchila (uninhabited island) to port at lunchtime today. Otherwise a pod of dolphins passed us in orderly fashion-4 outriders who
checked us briefly by leaping clear, followed by youngsters followed by more adults then at the rear a sweeper who zig zagged behind the pod to check for stragglers.

It's hot during the day-32 in the shade so not much getting done apart from naps. I did manage to get the shower pump working in the forward shower though so have earned my 6pm beer and spanish omelette supper with unknown veg off the market.