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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 4 May 2015 14:16
13:00 04/05/15 135 miles
Some helpful information came through from Oliver about the Sargassum seaweed. Supposedly edible and back in quantity today so hauled some in on the fishing line, picked off the young green leaves and tried boiling it for a couple of minutes- not much taste and quite chewy but not unpleasant. Tried frying it in a little butter- tastes of butter so tried adding a little vinegar and sugar- quite nice. Might be good steamed like red cabbage for longer. Now trying a batch in the oven to see if the leaves crisp up as a snack with our evening drink.
William spotted our first dolphin on his night watch. More seabirds around so land would appear to be approaching. We are torn between looking forward to solid ground under our feet and not wanting the journey to finish. The magical draw of the sea is well known and one can understand why sailors yearn to return to the constant movement once ones bodies motion is entirely self propelled.