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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 13 May 2019 10:36

Monday 13th May   New Caledonia

We decided to check out out of our convenient berth in the marina and anchor out in the bay for a few days. Check out deadline is 12 noon so we shopped for a few provisions, bought a replacement for the broken boat hook and ordered a hire car for some exploring tomorrow. When we came to pay the marina bill we were pleasantly surprised at the modest amount. By then however we had committed to leave, otherwise we might have been tempted to  stick with easy street.

Our 1st attempt at anchoring on the outside of the group of boats nearest the marina entrance was vetoed by an official in a launch who said we were hanging out into the channel and might get squashed by a ferry.  The arrival of a cruise liner demonstrated the point.  Our 2nd attempt at squeezing into a gap almost worked but when one swing took us within a couple of yards of our neighbour we de-camped to the other side of the bay and took up a more generous sized gap.  A lot of the anchored boats look abandoned or severly neglected. Makes us fell quite smart.

A spent the afternoon puzzling over my engine starting issue and have decided the ignition switch must be faulty. With surprising forethought I brought a spare switch out with me but can I find it? No I can't. The mystery of how things can disappear in such a confined space never ceases to amaze me.

Sump nut gobbler.
A nut that drops
in the engine bay
will land on a shelf
above an oily sump
the shelf can be reached
by the tips of two fingers
fingers that pinch nut
that spins disobediently
and is gobbled by sump