Dolphins R the best

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 20 Sep 2019 11:24


position 10 53.310S 20 S 125 55.060E

Even less wind today if thats possible. Hardly a breath, not a gasp nor even a pixies murmur.

I used some engine rest time to trail a rope and clean 1/2 the bottom- port side.  The Tipperary marina was less fouling than many but there is a good coating of black crusty growth  which scrapes off quite easily.  I had previously checked to see if the prop was fouled with weed or rope as the speed seemed less than hoped for. I think a combination of hull growth and contrary current accounted for it.

Once under way again I noticed that the surface of the sea looks dusty- and in paces the dust becomes a more distinct layer of greenish algae and below the algae there are loads of krill of various shapes and sizes. If I had a net I could soon catch a good shrimp supper.  While I was studying the dusty flat glassy water I noticed fins breaching off to starboard.

Soon the fins owners caught up with the boat and  made for the bow where they played dodge the boat. It was a large pod of smallish dolphins- there were a dozen around the bow and another group jumping further ahead and yet another off to the side.  They played around for at least 1/2 an hour before at a signal from the leader they all scootled off in search of a new game.

The dolphins aren't actually stripey- the sunlight is refracting through the ripples to make them look zebra like.