position S08 42.100 W98 05.900

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 26 Aug 2017 16:36

Saturday 26th August.  280miles for 2 day run.

Missed a days blog yesterday on account of a flurry of activity followed by a bout of sea-sickness which resulted in a day of no non essentail activity including no eating.
The activity followed a rise in wind speed overnight and
the aries self steering was struggling to hold course as the weather helm overcame the Aries. So I dropped the main (after 
furling the jib), and we made reasonable progress for a while under jib alone. After a slight easing of the wind I re-hoisted the main with a couple of reefs and that is how we still fare. In the mean time some clamps which brace the stbd pole supporting a satelite antena had come loose with threat of loosing expensive equipment overboard. I managed to tie it to the port pole and refit the clamps.
The self steering is very sensitive to changes in wind speed and does need regular adjustment but I realised that the aries rudder which generates the force to steer the boat rudder wasn't centred well and re-tying that has improved its behaviour
 Life at continous 20 -30 deg slope is challenging as any little job requires great effort of balance. Just standing still requires ones legs to be spaced so far apart as to be almost doing the splits.
We did have a little joy yesterday however  with company of a large pod of little dolphins followed by a small pod of large pilot whales.