Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 5 Nov 2023 04:44

Sat 4th Nov


The visit from Oliver, Mary, Jack & Frank has just finished having dropped them back to the airport this afternoon.


We were decidedly uncertain about the wisdom filling the boat with 6 people for 9 days but needn’t have worried. The 2 small ones were equal to 6 large from the noise aspect but once we established a few boat rules  (earplugs for the whole marina) and worked out that more than 30 seconds of time without structured activity wasn’t allowed, we rubbed along pretty well.


The fine weather helped and the access to several lovely beaches within walking distance essential. The boys spent more time in the water than out and although they started the holiday unable to venture beyond chest deep they finished proficient swimmers -Jack without buoyancy and Frank with assistance from his life jacket.


We had a couple of sailing trips- one with an overnight anchorage and the other in choppy conditions that made for exciting dinghy rides ashore. We made the controversial trip to the Turkish side for ruins and cake. We played happy families most evenings. Donkey was attempted but proved a little too complicated for some.


Excavator beach was favoured by some for its pool with no risk of going out of your depth, others for its little corner of shade and still others for good snorkling round the rocks.


The best snorkling was further round the coast beyond Cavo Greko where some turtles graced us with their presence. Swimming behind one I was bumped by another coming up behind me.

The only respite from noise was when Fank was either sleeping or eating Ice cream.  



We played hide and seek at Othellos castle in Farmagusta.

And again at Salamis where children played similar games 2000 + years ago.


Franks method of winning the race to the top of the amphitheater was to declare the last one to the top the winner. He only had to wait till the opponent got bored of hanging around to win.


At the sculpture park a set of international artists have been set loose with blocks of limestone to interpret Greek mythology. On a hill overlooking the sea it is an impressive display.


This lady seemed surprised that 2 cool dudes should use her luscious curves for little more than relaxation.