position 17:00.0N 40:07.0E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 22 Feb 2023 05:27
Wednesday 22nd Feb

The satellite continues to be intermittent. I will connect when I get signal.
A quite night sailing under genoa, winds easing and now steady at around 10-11kn on the indicator. Waves are still catching up and overtaking but with less boat speed the surfing is very occasional. I retrieved the remains of the sail this morning and stowed the lines. Unfortunately
the snuffer went overboard and what's left of the sail is not going to be of much use. The various utube videos that I studies didn't really cover that aspect which is why I suppose you get training if you buy a new one.

We expect the wind to continue to drop as we approach Suakin and we will anchor and sort out the furling problem.