position S09 39.100 W138 04.300

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 14 Sep 2017 23:30

Thursday 14th September. 92miles for 24 hrs.

On the plus side the wind has picked up and our miles ticking off on the up again. On the other hand the sea has taken on a short choppy aspect that encourages roll hence our easy going of the last couple of days is at an end.
Also on the positive side the engine started after lunch yesterday following a good dose of sun soaking into the batteries all morning. I gave it an hours extra charging before swithching off both engine and engine battery to preserve its level.
On the other less happy hand the forward head got blocked after a skippers visit and I spent a delightful afternoon stripping the pipework down chasing an elusive blockage before putting  it all back together and enjoying a nice hot shower. I had to pinch the aft head shower pump as the forward head pump has a broken brush connection. Things do have an unfortnate habit of falling apart so quickly on board. I thought that the blockage was at the outlet valve (sea cock)as the pipe didn't squirt sea water but I wasn't allowing for Venturi or Bernoulli or some other Italian effect that must have been preventing any sea pressure.
The forecast suggest we will have enough wind to reach Hiva Oa early tomorrow. We are seeing quite a few Frigate birds now which presumably would signal land approaching if we didn't know otherwise via the miracle of gps.