position S12 27.100 E130 49.200

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 6 Sep 2019 13:02

Friday 6th Sept

The boat position hasn't changed unfortunately. I did escape the marina this morning for a nice motor down the river towards the main channel but a familiar buzz broke my stride and confirmed that I haven't solved the overheating problem. I thought briefly about sailing through indonesia with no engine but dismissed the idea quickly (I didn't have much time to think else the tide was going to leaveme stranded on a muddy creek). So back to the marina for a re-think and probably some professional advice. The recommended local mechanic is very busy but said he could come and have a look on sunday.

It is definately getting hotter-long siestas after lunch are necessary rather than just lazy.

I did re-check my work, the thermostat is opening O.K., the tube stack isn't leaking. Doug mentioned nasty sounding possibilities like cylinder head gaskets, but if the water is getting through a gasket it would surely appear in the engine oil which it definately isn't. I wonder if the seals at the end of the tube stack are leaking under pressure.