position S08 25.200 W121 36.600

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 5 Sep 2017 17:37
Tuesday 5th September. 130 miles for 24 hrs.
The navigation tablet has returned to active service so maybe was just feeling a bit damp and bolshy. The 1st back-up navigation is my smart phone which also packed up in sympathy with the tablet leaving the 3rd back-up (a handheld Garmin) as sole means of finding our landfall for a while. 4th backup is the sexton which I need to have a practice with.
No change in the sail arrangement since I poled out the jib several days ago. Last night was less squally and I slept better than I should. I emerged at 4am for a lookout and was surprised to see a ship passing on the horizon, heading east off our port side. We have become very complacent about the existence other vessels but like london buses another small ship this time a bit closer passed at 8am also on an easterly route. Hard to imagine what the route can be that is suddenly so popular.
Planning to tackle the starter mtor this afternoon.