position S08 40.800 W107 51.500

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 31 Aug 2017 16:59

Thursday 31st August. 124 miles for 24 hrs.

More conservative speed following our broken stay. Another rather uncomfortable night with heavy rolling. The forecast doesn't offer much respite in terms of wind speed for the next couple of days so we have to lump it. The wind fluctuates from 15-20 knots and the waves don't get a chance to settle either into the large well spaced round topped waves that we had in the atlantic or flatten off. Instead they are a mixture of large steep waves with smaller choppy waves between at random direction. I took the jib pole off in the night as the wind came round more southerly but we continue at fair pace under jib alone.
I finished Trinity by Leon Uris and feel better informed about Irish history. I am not sure however who is fictitious and who is historical as he doesn't give a post note to explain. I came through the Caribbean feeling guilty to be British due to slavery and now feel guilty to be British due to the treatment of the Irish. I may take down the Ensign.