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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 8 Aug 2017 02:42
Mon 7th August

We thought we were on a role after fixing the heads pump and then getting the alternator fixed (fingers crossed) and then calling at the cafe where I thought I might have left my camera a couple of days ago, the waitress was clearly aware of it and said to come back at 5pm to see her boss who
we understood would have the said camera with bag and accesories. We strolled down to the beach for a last swim on San Cristobal - the seals were particularly playful and one had found a red rag (I think a rag-definately bright red) and delighted in showing to me -practically thrusting it in my face. Returning to the cafe at 5 boss Mariella was waiting for us but ominously had no camera. See explained that she did have it but someone else came by claiming to have lost a camera, she showed him what sounds very like my bag and he looked at it and said yes that's mine and off he bally well went with it.
Well much deflated I trotted down to the police station a couple of blocks along the promenade and explained the situation (in my really bad spanish with much gesturing). The lady officer made a phone call, asked me to wait 5 mins and within the allotted time 3 young plain clothes detectives appeared. Still no-one speaking better english than my hopeless spanish so further gesturing resulted in the 4 of us marching along to see Mariella.  The task of detecting my camera thief appeared to be made possible by the presence of several security cameras but unfortunately Mariella didn't have access to the footage- her boss had that and he is a tour guide off in the far west of the archipeligo. So as we were due to depart this evening and as there seems to be little leeway with timing once you have the paperwork we exchanged telephone numbers and the detectives promised to let me know if anything results from the video tape. Mariella's story is rather strange- the perp was aparrently an english speaker but everyone who comes here has to be pretty well heeled to afford the trip, thus not a strong candidate for petty theft. But then if Mariella is making it up why tell us about the camera in the 1st place-although that was her waitress who maybe is not in on the job. If the video footage is misteriously missing the crucial bit I shall put Mariella in place of prime suspect but will the detectives agree and make a dawn raid? There certainly doesn't appear to be a big market for 2nd hand camera equipment or any pawn shops  but the locals do seem to be getting into photography - our tour guide for Espanola was clicking away along with the rest of us.
Further developments awaited.
No sooner said that the mystery deepens, a water taxi has just appeared with 6 men aboard and my camera! Too flabergasted and grateful to try and discover where it was found they took a photo of the camera being handed over and left us open mouthed and shouting our gracias.