position S22 16.600 E166 26.400

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 24 May 2019 19:45

Friday 24 May
Thursday came and went with no David and me chasing electrical connections around the boat and trying to buy more cable around town. Eventually I abandoned the control panel and went straight to the battery which does work. So I can rig up a wire direct from the mast to the battery terminals with the 3 way switch mounted somewhere near the battery. Having worked that out I made a the mast light connections O.K and then switched over to anchor and imediately fried the sheathing off the switch wires-wrong way round. Luckily no damage to the light and the switch still works-now with tape instead of sheathing.
David came in the morning and fixed the stay, I settled up with Giles and we visited immigration, Customs and Port  Captain to check out. So barring a bit of last minute provisioning in the morning and tidying up the wires we can get going.