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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 7 Feb 2023 04:32
Tuesday 7th Feb. 108m

Just passed Socotra to our south, a vague hilly shape visible in the haze. The parasailor is flying nicely and wind dead astern. The wind gradually eased yesterday and at tea time with sails flopping the engine went on. By supper the wind appeared to be holding at around 6kn with 4kn boat speed so the much awaited sail hoisted without too much drama and has stayed full of the gentle breeze since.

I read the red sea pilot yesterday-a rare lucky find on the internet shortly before we left home. If I had read it sooner we might be heading for Durban rather than Suez. The tricky decision is whether to bash up the middle against the wind with steep waves or creep up the coast with fairly regular anchorages avoiding the many reefs and dealing with stronger sea breeze affected winds. Decision postponed until Djibuti.