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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 2 Aug 2017 16:10
Wed 2nd August

Squid for breakfast this morning. A baby squid offered itself overnight managing to leap onto the deck and expire next to the main hatch. I thought of using it for bait to catch something bigger but the temptation to add it to my egg on toast was too great.

Land Ho. Diana sighted land at 8am-I was dubious but had to soon conceed that the Galapagos were definately in sight. We can see San Cristobal-our 1st port of call ahead with Genovesa away to its right and Marchena beyond.

We have a little sun this morning so have put the fridge back on. Wind is now behind and pushing us gently towards wreck bay. Hopefuly a historical name rather than a warning.

There was a little structural damage to report at 1st light- the genoa sheet traveller sheave had sheared its pin. There has been much jerking of ropes in light winds which must have caused fatigue failure. I have found a bolt to substitute the pin and luckily the sheave didn't go overboard.

The trip from Salinas has been very easy- on port tack the whole way gradually backing from close hauled to a broad reach. We met a couple of fishermen the 1st night out of Salinas who came and warned us off their nets and just one in the distance last night. Otherwise just storm petrels for company who appear to flit across the waves for no gain but if you look carefully occasionaly pause to pick up tiny flecks of food from the water. Otherwise a few boobies some gulls and two albatross sightings so far.

Hope I can find someone who knows about alternators on San Cristobal.