Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 11 Jan 2023 02:32
Wednesday 11th Jan 113 miles for 24hr.

The engine is on unfortunately. Wind died away yesterday evening, speed gradually dropping and sails flopping. Patience wore out at 1.30 this morning.
We seem to have left the shipping to our south as we were eking the last breath from the wind. We saw nothing all day but this morning a shape in the distance had us guessing.

In the middle of the Bay of Bengal,
We saw something pointy and tall
Was it a killer whales fin
Or a hat (with witch still in)
No silly, its a sail on a yawl.

Actually a sloop with dark sails a few miles to our north, but no response on the radio.

Volts still in short supply with autohelm on overnight. We do seem to be getting something from the alternator but certainly not what we should be. Fortunately still sunny so once the sun gets over the panel the volts climb back up.