position N09 35 228 W78 52 928

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Fri 10 Jun 2016 02:31

Thursday eve 09 June.
No wind this morning so a rather hot motor across the bay to have alook at the Lemon cays. Initially I set a route for the eastern Lemon cays but on seeing about 12 yachts already anchored we changed our target for the western Lemon cays. As it transpired there are also about 12 yachts anchored here-just not visible untill we rounded the island. 

Fortuntely there is plenty of space in the anchorage between two islands (Uchutupu Pippi & Uchutupu Dumat)

We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon exploring the islands, swiming and snorkling. We tried to cross the shallow reef to look at its surf fringed seaward edge but it is was so shallow and so wide that all methods of traverse proved  frustrating. I think we may have scored the dinghy on the coral in the attempt. There is another stranded yacht in the surf here- this one looks like it has been there for quite some time having been stripped of all attachments. It would be an ignominious end to ones dreams to have to wade away from your boat with only the few posessions that one could carry across the uneven coral reef. 

At around 6pm as we were settling down for our beers the black clouds that normally hang around the coast in the afternoons decided to venture out to the islands and a fearsome squall sprang up with stinging rain and at its height 30 knots of wind. Fortunately no anchors dragged and apart from a few drips we are none the worse for wear and  the wind is now back to the usual  gentle breeze.