position 27:10.0N 35:02.0E

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 4 Mar 2023 05:32
A blast of unexpected wind last night up to 20kn on the indicator. The port tack has taken us towards the east side but the course still better this tack than the other and if the wind eases this afternoon we should be able to motorsail back to the tip of the Sinai Peninsular.
There seemed to be some new water in the bilge and still no obvious culprit. A slightly weepy joint in the foreward heads didn't appear sufficient but tightened it anyway.
Taking advantage of the flat calm sea we then made a concerted effort yesterday to clear the block bilge pump. I cut into the pipe under the aft cabin floor, slightly worried that the cut initially resulted in a strong squirt of clean looking water. Thinking I had invited the sea in but by the time had found some materials for an emergency repair the squirt was a trickle and the sea remained outside. I still couldn't get the pipe cleaning rods through so we hauled out the length of pipe that runs under the engine and fixed a new length in with improvised connections. The pump now pulls O.K and after a few hundred strokes the level in the bilge looks more respectable.
Waiting to hear back from Herzliya marina which looks a possible destination for this leg.