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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Mon 13 Apr 2015 21:47

18:00 13/04/15
Good day in Mindelo. One of the many friendly technicians who service the marina came and looked at the furling drum and managed to undo the screws which none of my allen keys would fit.  Took the bits away for repair and I bought a new furling line from the well stocked marina shop and took the core out of the end 5m. Then the port captain had a look at the sail and said he would have a go at repair today/tonight which would be quite an achievement since the damage is extensive. Feeling positive about things and ignoring cost of repairs we then booked a day trip to Sau Antao for tomorrow. The Don Street guide insists a visit is essential as it is the most attractive island in the whole Atlantic basin!  Explored the markets and walked round to register or deregister with the port authorities. That required two visits as initially he wanted us to return at 8am in the morning to check out but then we booked the day trip which would have prevented return to police in office hours. Fortunately the policeman was happy to let us check out early.
Just returned from the barber -most thorough trim I have ever had- head, chin, neck, nose, ears and eyebrows.  William (my uncle from Columbia)  has confirmed his flight to Praia joining Dominic to make up a crew of  3 for the Atlantic crossing.
Our neighbour on the pontoon is a french couple in a rather sleek fast looking little yacht with low freeboard and no cockpit protection. They have a sheep dog who sleeps most of the time in the cockpit and gets very excited when allowed off for a walk ashore. He (the frenchman) makes wild gallic gestures about the wind and the rolling on route from the canaries. They are waiting for less wind before setting off for Grenada. Might be waiting a long time. Even the Uraguyans in the 65foot Swan heading uphill to Barcelona seem to admire Ocean Rivals lines and Iam very glad for her stability and steadiness.