position N06 13.916 W77 24.580

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 14 Jan 2017 23:54
The engine is running! After a solid and full days work.

Jorge and his 2 mates arrived with engine at 9.30, hoisted it aboard and pieced it back to together with some head scratching but no bits left over that I can see.
It didn't start to begin with but Jorge made some adjustments and off she fired with forward and reverse gears tested O.K. Will it survive prolonged use?- only time will tell. The old alternator is still on so I still have to see if that is producing any juice and if not swap it for a new one that I bought with me. Hope it fits- not too sure at first glance.

I settled Jorges bill after a trip to the atm. It feels like monopoly money so the pain of parting with it is quite bearable. I think I could have bought Mayfair for the same price but cost of the labour worked out by the hour would be a small fraction of UK prices.