position S09 05.800 W105 20.100

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Tue 29 Aug 2017 14:53
Tuesday 29th  August.  164 miles for 24 hrs.

A new record I think. Too fast for comfort really. We have had 15-20 knots apparent on our port stern quarter without letup and although the boat is taking it well and steering coping admirably the night-time creak clanks and slaps make for limited sleep. I have woken once or twice from a dream thinking I was in a car heavy on brake and accelerator manouvering in traffic. OR shivers and gives a little groan as she tries to break her hull speed but the sea clings on and wispers thasfassenoughmiss. Without friction we would be flying along at wind speed like Americas Cup racers.

We have crossed 105 degrees so put the clock back an hour. Also just cracked 2000 miles to go.

We still have a reef in hand which I could instigate but I'm not sure it would help and takes a monumental efffort.