position S10 34.100 E140 01.700

Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sat 20 Jul 2019 23:20

Saturday 20th July.

I have been sailing in the Arafura Sea since the Torres Straits with the depth guage locked on 15m all day.

The Arafura Sea
is 50 feet of milky blue
From northern Oz to PNG.
The bottoms flat,
The top not quite,
but I'm pleased that
The going west's alright.

I picked up a bit of the bottom on my anchor and it was white gravelly mud- hence the milky colour I conclude.

Progress is good and the steering has behaved well requiring minimal adjustment even though the wind is dead behind.

Now on Sunday morning with 600miles to go the depth has increased to 50m and the waves bigger so more roll, but still not too bad.

Just put some flapjacks in the oven. Apricot and peanut. Might be muesli if they don't set.