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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Sun 1 Jan 2023 14:49
01/01/2023. New Years Day

We arrived in the dark in Teluk Ayer Tuan, a bay on the southern tip of Langkawi last night after a slow sail up from Pangkor against a stiff headwind. We tacked, we tacked at a slightly better angle off the wind with motor and we motored making the 135 miles in around 36 hrs.

The departure was very undignified as I reversed off the pontoon and then couldn't select forward gear so slowly continued reversing into the large powerboat on the next pontoon. The impact was taken on the aries windvane resulting in a broken vane and damage to the casting. Fortunately the power boat wasn't a gleaming gin palace and I didn't see any damage to her although I was rather busy trying to get into gear. It did then engage and I managed a cheery wave at Mike & Michelle who had come down to see us off. I suspect they weren't fooled and could detect the frustration behind the cheerful face.

I was ready to blame Zaman who had returned the gearbox the previous afternoon having re-sealed the joints. I have to confess however it was my error fitting the gear cable back on incorrectly. Zaman tested the box only in reverse to check for leaks. I should have checked forward before leaving the pontoon.

The good news is that the box isn't losing oil noticeably.

We popped the champagne cork after anchoring (a bottle that had been waiting for a special occasion since leaving home) and toasted the new year.

This morning awoke to stunning scenery with green clad limestone cliffs and towering pinnacles around our anchorage. White breasted sea eagles thermaling above us as we breakfasted.

Turning on the instruments before departure revealed the next problem-no power to the panel. I hooked up a temporary supply via the cockpit socket suspecting the old B&G controller had given up the ghost.

Anchor up and threaded through the little islands to reach the town anchorage off Kuah where several yachts were grouped. After bacon and eggs (Mikes generous bacon gift), with a glass of bux fiz, I took a trip ashore by dinghy to refresh the phone card.

Fixed the instrument panel wiring and the gear lever. Assessed the aries damage- it still functions but the damage is nasty and will be very difficult to rectify. May eventually need to find an old scrap aries to pilfer the damaged casting. The repaired autohelm has been working well and is an able alternative to the aries but needs electric power. So far the solar panels have kept up well with demand but only needs a cloudy day to change the supply and demand balance unfavourably.

The engine battery may be dead. Strange that the engine has been starting fine but the battery is showing only 6V. Next problem for the morning. I suspect the alternator -again.