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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Thu 6 Jun 2019 20:23

Monday 3rd June

I popped over to see if my toilet repair had worked- I had glued the flap shut with mastic hoping that when I pulled it apart it would form a better seal- no luck with that one. I made a softer flap with dinghy repair tape but that was no better. It needs a bowl shaped flap to fit the hole.  I didn't see Werry all day so wasn't able to give my verdict.  While I was ashore Stanley informed me that the customs official was arriving between 9-10 and we would need to be in the yacht club to do our imigration. That put the trip to see the hot springs on hold and we hung around in the yacht club  with 4 other boat crews (3 had arrived that morning,  dutch, american & New Caledonian) waiting for the official who arrived nearer 11 and it was lunch time by the time we had all been processed. The extra boats made the fee a bit cheaper as the officers petrol cost from Lenakel was shared between 5.
In the afternoon we went over to see Noels wife (Leanne?) who had been rod fishing from the beach waiting for us all day. They do catch little sprats- she had a dozen or so in her bucket but the lad with a throw net was doing better with more & slightly larger fish.
The hot spring tour was asigned to John and he showed us the cooking pool that we had seen yesterday and put a banana in for us then took us up into the forest to show us the big steam vent and above that with great views of the bay an open site with colourful hot clay (blues, reds, greys and yellows) that is used for face/body painting. Lovely earthy colours that would be great for ceramics. The path up was wide and easy -some Cyclone Pam disaster relief money from Australia had been spent on a handrail with bright yellow plastic chain. Our banana was done nicely when we got back to the beach. We paid Leanne for the tour and on the way back to the boat stopped for a chat with a new Norwegian boat. A couple with young daughter on a smart 50 footer. He was very jolly in a sarcastic sort of way and had taken a year out of his job to sail the atlantic. Then when he asked if he could have a bit more time to keep going his boss said take 2 more years! So they are doing the full circuit like us. Lucky I have an understanding boss too.

A final snorkle in Resolution bay and we said goodbye to Stanley, the Norwegians stopped for a beer on board (they were hoping we had spare cash to change) and we readied the boat for an 11pm depart heading for the next island- Erromango.

You can stand next to the steam hole for a free sauna if you don't mind the smell of bad eggs.

Port Resolution bay