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Ocean Rival Journey Log
Adam Power Diana Power
Wed 20 Jun 2018 08:57
WEDNESDAY 20th June.  Vavau Tonga (still) .

We have booked some plane tickets so the trip home is confirmed for next week. We can fly back via Fiji and Singapor- just around 30 hours of air travel which will be a test of endurance on a par with a long rough crossing. It isn't Joe's preferred route which is Air New Zealand via Aukland and LA but that  is longer and more expensive. Joe is one of the Yard owners who comes originally from Cambridge and is going back in September to see family.

It is sad to be leaving   the boat prematurely but nice to have some summer in the U.K. and then have even more summer in N.Z. to look forward to.
The NZ passage sounds like it can be challenging- there is a low uninhabitted atoll about half way to break up the 1100 mile journey, but otherwise getting the wind forecast right is the key.

One of the yachties we met had a good term for people of a certain age who set out on silly journeys 'Adventure before Dementia'. In my case there may be a bit of overlap.

We have been busy without getting much done- the yard will hopefuly get a couple of other jobs done (other than the keel repair) while we are away -the teak deck caulking is getting a bit scruffy and there is a sailmaker in town who can patch up the spray hood. I have reduced the anchor chain by a couple of links as the last link was shockingly worn down to about half its thickness. Materials are a problem for the yard-they have to pay heavy import duties and the stuff often disapears on route as it is handled by so many hands.

We have been back and forth to the customs and immigration offices-  every one very nice and sympathetic to our problems. We had to write a letter explaining the reasons for changing plans and that has been stamped and  certified by  each department.

evevning view from the cockpit - I tried to get a fruit bat flying across the moon but no luck.